More by Deborah Rennard. March 25, 2019.
Ten years have elapsed since Mila communicated with her father, who she blames for a lifetime of bad relationships. Now he's lying in a coma in a hospital bed and her sister Leslie is threatening to 'pull the plug'. There ensues a battle of wills between the sisters and old hurts and jealousies resurface. As Mila is finally coming to terms with her feelings for her father, she realizes that nothing is what it appears to be.

Circus Dreams by Christopher Daftsios. April 1, 2019.
Two men sit on a frozen lake, ice fishing...without hooks. One begins to sing a George Michaels song, setting off a debate about life, love and circus fantasies. Through unimaginable tragedy and a series of random events, a simple accountant from Somewhere, Minnesota is thrust onto a stage in Washington D.C. to be a voice of hope for millions in the LGBTQ community. Directed by Sarah Norris.

Dog's Life by Marisa Smith. May 13, 2019.
This heartwarming comedy follows the lives of two couples – one human and one canine – as they discover the secrets of life, love, and snacks.

What Doesn't Kill You by James Hindman. May 20, 2019.
A play for solo performer, about a man trying to pull his life back together after a near-death experience. The story involves a heart attack, an obsession with Cher, and, oh yeah, a trip to a concentration camp. And it's a comedy!

Christie by Brian Mori. July 8, 2019.
A savage portrait of former Governor Chris Christie, as told by his 'Iago' – David Wildstein – who was Christie's high school classmate and 'mastermind' behind the Bridgegate debacle.

Over His Dead Body by Stephanie Musnick Karpell & My Dead Wife by Mike Folie. July 15, 2019.
Two monologues about love, loss, and learning to love again. Over His Dead Body: While packing up her house to begin a new relationship, a widow battles with her need to hold on to 'every blessed thing' from her late husband. My Dead Wife: A man's surprising and often bizarrely comic journey as he deals with the sudden death of his beloved wife and finds the courage to live and love again.