Unhappily Married in Valencia by Laurel Ollstein. May 8, 2017.
A comic romp in sunny suburbia, inspired by Guillen de Castro's 1618 Spanish Golden Age farce. Two neighboring couples play out unrequited love, mistaken identity, marital deception and sexual charades, unknowingly being manipulated by a handsome foreign poet.

The Grand Illusion Show by Emily Dendinger. May 22, 2017.
In 1896 New York, Adelaide is a recent widow. Her husband was the famous magician, Alexander Herrmann, and now she – his long-time assistant – wants the rights to perform his illusions herself. The trouble is no woman has ever performed this kind of magic before. To prove she's qualified to carry on her husband's legacy, Adelaide will perform the most dangerous trick of all: the infamous Bullet Catch. Based on a true story, The Grand Illusion Show blends Adelaide's story with real illusions as it examines the limitations of the glass-ceilings we've broken, and those we must still work to shatter.