Prague by Javier de Dios, translated by Iride Lamartina-Lens. August 28, 2017.
A bittersweet comedy about the joys and challenges of love, commitment and friendship in the 21st century. Three forty-something-year-old friends who shared a history of la vida loca reunite for an evening of good times drizzled with a generous amount of ouzo, wine and good food. But the evening is full of surprises. Mid-life crisis has hit all three. Beni and Jaime, a once upon a time passionate and genuinely happy gay couple, have somehow lost their mojo and are stuck in a lackluster relationship. Susana, a world traveler and nomadic lover, is faced with a ticking biological clock that is about to run out and end her dreams of having a child. How to resolve these conflicts? In a whirlwind of clever plot twists, secret schemes and shifting love triangles, Prague crisscrosses an intricate gamut of emotions, passions and friendship. It is no surprise that at the close of the play spectators will find themselves enthusiastically joining Beni, Jaime and Susana in their final toast as they shout: "To Prague!"

Weren't You In My Science Class? by Trish Harnetiaux. September 18, 2017.
Remember when you ran into Irene Cunningham? Yeah, from high school. So funny seeing her at the bank all these years later... and during a robbery (what are the odds?!) A play about how big things can lurk beneath small talk and how awful friendship can be when you forget to be friends. Because, let's face it--the past isn't always pretty.