Three Exits by Gino DiIorio. July 2, 2018.
Mary is the ex-wife, Karen is the ex-lover and Adam is the ex-husband who betrayed them both. Now Adam is deathly ill and the two women have to decide what to do with him. They reunite to figure out what happened, to remember the good times and the bad--but mostly to put the whole damn thing to rest.

Lily by Chris Daftsios. July 9, 2018.
Aging country superstar Toby Crenshaw is ready for his usual post-performance coitus with a line of eager, young groupies, hand picked by his head of security. But when the first girl to enter turns out to be far more than Toby can handle, he finds himself in an impossible situation that he can't easily extricate himself from. "Lily" explores the unfair advantages of fame, addresses the effects of the gender imbalances that led to the #MeToo movement, and challenges our very idea of what is moral.

Jane Burgoyne by Robert Moulthrop. August 27, 2018.
Jane Burgoyne, her daughter Katherine, and her granddaughter Allison are packing up the last of Jane's belongings before she relocates to an independent living facility. Jane does her best to stall the final hours of the move with memories, arguments, and justifications that reveal the loving, but entangled, lives of three generations of women.