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Our Grand Opening and Inaugural Exhibit



NJ Rep has been developing and producing new plays for over twenty-two years, and although theater has been the flagship of our organization we have always felt that we had a responsibility to nurture and champion all the arts. It is unlikely that we would have ever come up with the idea for our virtual museum were it not for this pandemic and its attendant suffering, uncertainty, and social upheaval that has upended our lives.

Like all other theaters we have been in lock-down, but the creative impulse is restless and cannot be constrained for long and rattles its cages. At times like this when life and mortality stand out in bold relief, great dreams may intrude to rouse us from our inertia and indolence and disturb the deep sleep of our consciousness.

And so we've created our virtual museum spun from the imagination, and for our inaugural exhibit selected the work of Quinton Greene, the self-taught, outsider artist who has created a major body of work over two decades. Although our museum is virtual the paintings are real and available for purchase.

Our theaters are threatened and we are not immune, so consider supporting the arts in your communities. They are the reflective soul of a moral society, and keep in mind that historically, both in good times and bad, it has been primarily the public that has risen to protect its precious cultural institutions.

Please support NJ Rep and our virtual museum project