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Our Designers

(Sound Designer, Webmaster)
Merek has written music for theatre, film, video and computer multimedia. He serves as composer and resident sound designer at NJ Rep, where he wrote the scores for the musical productions Immortal Interlude (produced NJ Rep 2001), Octet (NJ Rep 2000; Community Theatre League 2004) and Find Me A Voice (Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati 1997; NJ Rep 1999). Merek has designed sound for nearly all NJ Rep productions, as well as over 100 New York area productions, over the past twenty years. As owner of MusicNYC, his freelance consulting business, he assists creative individuals and arts institutions with their musical, website and general computing needs. In this capacity he serves as NJ Rep's webmaster and IT consultant. Merek is a member of BMI, and may be contacted through his website at
PATRICIA E. DOHERTY (Costume Designer)
Continuing her passion for new plays, her work for NJ Rep includes Dead Ringer, Evie's Waltz, The Housewives of Mannheim, Apostasy, The Women of Lockerbie, Klonsky and Schwartz, The Dead Boy, Panama, The Color of Flesh, The Adjustment, Old Clown Wanted, The Good Daughter, Whores, Place Setting, October 1962, Bookends, And Her Hair Went With Her, Engaging Shaw, Cupid & Psyche, Yankee Tavern, Character Assassins, Puma, and Bakersfield Mist.
JILL NAGLE (Lighting Designer)
Jill has been the Resident Lighting Designer at NJ Repertory for over 6 years. Some of the World Premieres at NJ Rep include Broomstick, Happy, Jericho, Puma, Night Train, Bakersfield Mist, Sick, Dead Ringer, Klonsky & Schwartz, Tangled Skirt and at Luna Stage The Whipping Man, and The Fastest Women Alive. NYC Designs include: Poetic License, Housewives of Mannheim, The Man in Room 306, The Dishwashers, Jericho (59E59), Love Therapy (Daryl Roth), The Bully Pulpit (Samuel Beckett), Do Not Go Gentle (Harold Clurman), Count Down (Bank Street), In the Parlance (The Pulse Theatre), Carrera (La Mama E.T.C.), South Beach Rapture (Dixon Place), The Short Fall (4th Street Theatre). Other venues include: John Engeman Theatre, The Chester Theatre, Luna Stage, Playwrights Theatre of NJ, Montclair State University, New Jersey City University.
JESSICA PARKS (Scenic Designer & Prop Master)
Jessica has been the resident scenic designer for NJ Repertory since 2010 and resident prop master since 2003. Previous design credits include: The Housewives of Mannheim at 59E59 St. Theaters NYC. Poetic License for The Director's Company at 59E59 St. Theaters. Esther's Moustache, Annapurna, Release Point, American Stare, The Hounds of the Baskervilles, Bakersfield Mist, Jericho, Donna Orbits the Moon, Night Train, Puma, The Tangled Skirt, The Rant, Dead Ringer, and Yankee Tavern at NJ Repertory Company. Other credits include: Claire Went To France for Strange Dog Theater Company at Hamilton Stage, 37 Stones for Working Man's Clothes, The Normals at Luna Stage and Bust, a short film by Dana B. Benningfield, directed by Duncan M. Rogers.