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Current Season Productions


A View of the Mountains
April 24 - May 25, 2014
World Premiere Comedy by Lee Blessing, directed by Evan Bergman.
A former Cold War super-power arms negotiator, now retired, remarried and living an idyllic life, is anxiously awaiting the arrival of his estranged son. However, this meeting is not expected to be a joyful reunion, but rather one filled with animosity, threats, ultimatums, and long-buried family secrets that are bound to rise to the surface.


June 12 - July 13, 2014
A World Premiere by Richard Strand, directed by Joseph Discher.
Recipient of an Edgerton Foundation New American Play Award. It's the start of the Civil War and lawyer Benjamin Butler has just been promoted to the rank of Major General at Fort Monroe, a Union hold-out in the state of Virginia. Shepard Mallory, an escaped slave, seeks sanctuary at the fort, however, the law of the land has not yet changed and slaves are still considered property and must be turned over to their "rightful owners".


Lucky Me
July 31 - August 31, 2014
A World Premiere Comedy by Robert Caisley, directed by SuzAnne Barabas.
From the playwright who brought you "Happy" comes a whimsical comedy about love, aging, airport security, and 22 years of bad luck.


Dinner With The Boys
September 11 - October 5, 2014 (Limited Engagement)
A World Premiere by Dan Lauria.
Dinner With The Boys is a farce that deals with all the violence we consume each day by watching TV and movies, especially those movies that glorify gangsters. Most gangsters, kill their friends, curse, talk nonsense and eat very good Italian food.


Angels and Ministers of Grace Defend Us
October 23 - November 23, 2014
A World Premiere by Elaine Smith, directed by Marc Geller.
How does one wrestle with the present when one cannot let go of the past? With a sister who can't stop making craft angels, a brother who can't seem to make good, and an ex-husband who can't give up on her, it is way past time for Miriam to unravel her eccentric family's tangled problems once and for all.