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Current Season Productions


Swimming at the Ritz
Limited Engagement: January 8 - February 1
A US Premiere by Charles Leipart
Pamela Churchill Hayward Harriman, the ultimate party girl, has been living an idyllic life at the luxurious Ritz in Paris for the past several years accompanied by her young Italian valet, and has been spending her and her step children's vast inheritance on paintings, clothing, jewels, furs, champagne (her day-to-day necessities). But her step children's attorneys are about to shut her down. On the verge of losing everything, with the creditors literally at her door, Pamela reveals her journey from man-to-man and bed-to-bed, in a funny, poignant tour-de-force.


The M Spot
February 26 - March 29
A World Premiere Comedy by Michael Tucker (star of L.A. Law)
Jerry and Maddie have been married –forever– and are looking for something to recapture the former vitality of their marriage. They've been thru the mill when it comes to therapists and well-meaning advice, so when the opportunity arises for them to go on a retreat to a new-age spa, complete with nude massages, Jerry is all for it, but Maddie, who is a bit more reserved, is naturally skeptical about the process and his motives.


The Realization of Emily Linder
April 23 – May 24
A World Premiere by Richard Strand (Author of Butler)
A comic-drama about Emily Linder, an eccentric, retired university professor, who has come to the "realization" that she knows the exact day that she will pass away. She gathers her two daughters to her side to inform them of her imminent demise and to give each of them explicit instructions and assignments to fulfill prior to her earthly departure.